Libre Tea Infuser 14oz


Our 9oz Libre Infuser is one of our best-sellers. You’ll soon find out why! This item’s clean and elegant look sets it apart from other styles. It has beautiful silver trim and an iridescent holographic gold tone on the lid, providing an elegant everyday accessory. And its perfect with its protective BPA surround.

✔️ Fresh taste and safe – Clean borosilicate glass interior for hot or cold

✔️ Strong and thermal – Durable BPA-free poly-exterior protects the glass

✔️ Removable stainless steel filter – For loose teas and fruit infusions

???? No more single-use plastics!

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Herbal Tea

There are too many herbal teas to mention, each having their own health benefits – we have listed only a few. Please remember each individual reacts differently to different herbs and to always check with your doctor before taking any herbal treatment.



  1. Chamomile – Helps sooth the tummy and the nerves to help you sleep
  2. Cinnamon – Helps improve circulation, cold symptoms, stomach upsets
  3. Echinacea –  Helps cold and flu symptoms and as an immune booster
  4. Ginger – helps with nausea, pain, inflammation, cold symptoms
  5. Lemon – Helps clean the toxins from your blood leaving you feel more alert and active
  6. Nettle – Helps with coughs, asthma, muscle & joint problems, allergies
  7. Passionflower – Helps with a restful sleep, lowers blood pressure, works as a painkiller
  8. Peppermint – Helps with indigestion, nausea , bad breath, cough & congestion caused by colds
  9. Rosemary – Helps with headaches and fevers, poor circulation
  10. Thyme – Reduces cough, bronchitis, sinus pressure

For more information on any of these Herbal Teas please ask at your local health food store, your pharmacist, doctor or look online.


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