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Green Drink Vitality Hair & Body Collection


Because of its rich nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, Papaya helps in preventing balding, boosting hair strength and growth, prevents dandruff, reduces hair thinning and adds shine to dull and lifeless hair. Honey, being rich in emollient makes it a natural hair softener and provides a healthy environment for sleeping hair follicles to wake up and flourish.

Green Drink Vitality, Adjustment, & Recovery Shampoo
Green Drink Vitality, Adjustment, & Recovery Shampoo is an excellent potion to use for stubborn, wavy, and curly hair types. This recovery shampoo will assist in restoring lifeless hair and its follicles, while fighting dandruff and creating a defense barrier to keep hair healthy and strong. With our all-natural green ingredients, full of alkaline and vitamins, you will experience a complete solution for building hair vitality and an awesome fro! Make unruly and damaged hair, healthy, smooth, shiny, and manageable.

Green Drink Vitality Recovery Body Cleanser, Eczema Reparation
This recovery body cleanser is fortified and packed with a multitude of herbs and essential oils. The formula is designed to enhance damaged skin and help to recover skin damage due to breakouts, eczema, and much more. The recovery cleanser penetrates deep beneath the skin ducks ensuring quality, clean results, and an overall fresh feeling. Amazingly, this deep cleanser not only deep cleans, but restore alkaline to the skin cells and help to replenish lifeless skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils or causing irritation.

Green Drink Vitality Recovery Hair Mask & Deep Conditioning Treatment
Permanently get rid of that annoying flaky scalp that’s stopping your hair from thriving to its fullest potential. Green Drink Vitality Recovery Hair Mask and Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment host an amazing herb, burdock root, that is effective not only in combating hair loss, but also in treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Alongside many other all-natural ingredients, Green Drink Hair Mask will have your hair thirsty for more.
Green Drink Vitality Body Melt is a powerful scalp and hair solution that revitalizes, reconditions, and excels the skin and scalps appearance. Use this amazing body melt with anti-aging herbal properties to tone, reduce wrinkles, remove fine age lines, and restore skin’s elasticity. With these simple, but essential ingredients, you can be aggressive against eczema and effective against psoriasis while removing marks and blemishes.


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