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Eucalyptus Oil


Eucalyptus oil is a sharp camphor smelling oil that's invigorating, penetrating, and cleansing. it is one of the best essential oils for diffusing. helps support healthy immune and respiratory systems, clearing congestion, relieving sinus pressure, and reducing headaches. Eucalyptus is energizing and mentally stimulating while also stress-reducing. it can increase circulation and relieve sore muscles. eucalyptus blends well with cedarwood, lavender, lemon, pine needle, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram. (not recommended for children under age 12)

Benefits and uses

The long, green, waxy leaves of the Eucalyptus globulus tree create an intense, camphor-like, fresh, sweet, woodsy essential oil. Along with working to support healthy lungs, eucalyptus globulus essential oil is often used to reduce the unwelcome presence of bacterial, fungal, or viral activity. This essential oil can help with minor pain and inflammation management, and ease unwanted muscle spasms. Eucalyptus globulus essential oil is ideal to use in a steam blend, 2-3 times a day as a preventative measure, at the first sign of a cold or flu. This essential oil is often used in a diffuser to help purify the air when others are sick with the cold or flu to help minimize the spread of illness.

Emotionally and energetically, eucalyptus globulus essential oil clears and uplifts. Often this essential oil encourages mental clarity and helps soothe exhaustion. This essential oil reduces patterns of negative thinking and can bring clarity and increased vitality, especially during particularly challenging times.


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