Butterfly Pea Tea


Also known simply as Blue Tea, the Butterfly Pea Flower is the dried flowers and petals from the Asian Clitoria ternatea plant. And how cool is this flower! From making “blue” herbal tea infusions, “pink” lemonade (fresh squeezed lemons or limes), and naturally coloring fillings in baking, this amazing flower can really accomplish a lot.



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The herb shows promise in studies for its brain boosting effects and its wide spectrum of neurological benefits including helping with depression, anxiety and reducing fever.

In studies to date, Butterfly Pea has shown to act on several key systems of the body:

  • The Nervous System – Butterfly Pea has a calming effect on the brain
  • The Digestive System – Butterfly Pea is an antiemetic (anti-nausea), antidypsetic (anti-indigestion), mild-laxative and cholagogue (stimulates flow of bile from liver)
  • The Circulatory System – Butterfly Pea is a haemostatic (helps stop bleeding) and a blood purifier
  • The Respiratory System – Butterfly Pea acts as an expectorant and has shown to reduce the irritation of respiratory organs, useful in treating colds, coughs and even asthma.
  • The Urinary System – Butterfly Pea is a diuretic, helping promote normal urination and can be used for dysuria (difficulty urinating)
  • The Reproductive System: Butterfly Pea is reported to be spermatogenic, aiding in normal sperm production
  • The Integumentary System – Pre-maturing ageing is often a problem of the skin. Flavonoids present in Butterfly Pea have been found to boost collagen production, increasing the skin elasticity.

Butterfly pea is one of the few plants on earth that contain cyclotides, peptides that have shown to possess anti-HIV and anti-tumor properties, while certain cyclotides have been shown to be toxic to cancer cells.



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