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ImageGlass Tea Pot Infuser with Stainless Steel Basket
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Steep and serve loose tea with ease in this steel basket!

This tea pot infuser features a durable tempered glass design and sleek black plastic body. A sturdy handle ensures a solid grip for precise pouring, while a convenient knob handle makes placement and removal of the lid quick and easy. The crystal-clear tempered glass carafe enables optimum visibility from all angles so your guests can keep an eye on the strength and level of tea within. This tea pot infuser is perfect for cafes, bistros, and coffee shops alike!
ContentJust Pomegranate Syrup is the first ever organic & refined sugar-free pomegranate molasses. We carefully reduce fresh pomegranate juice down to concentrate its rich flavor, and call on medjool dates for just a touch of sweetness. Try it in your cocktails, salad dressings (just with olive oil and a pinch of salt!), marinades, braises, or just a drizzle on toast. It packs a punch of flavor and nutrients Size: 8.8 oz Dimensions: 7.25" x 1.72" Ingredients: Organic Pomegranates, Organic Medjool Date

Steep and Serve Tea

Designed to steep tea right in the pot, this convenient tempered glass tea pot provides an easy way to enjoy delicious, relaxing teas! Simply fill the stainless steel basket with loose tea, pour hot water into the pot, and let the infusion begin. Once the tea reaches your desired strength, remove the basket and enjoy!

Sleek, Modern Look

The crystal-clear tempered glass body is accentuated by a sleek, black base and handle. The minimalistic design can be integrated into a variety of settings - from traditional diners and cafes to hip bistros and coffee shops, your guests will love this tea pot infuser!
Three different sizes available. Global organic textile sStandard (GOTS) certified as organic. Tare weight (weight when empty) printed on label. Ideal for bulk bin buying. Washable (some shrinkage may occur).
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