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Scent of A King – Whipped Shea Body Butter


The name resonates with the  heritage of the Asafo / Nubian Tribe that was the earliest residents of the Nile valley.  The Al Nahyan and the Al Maktum, are descended from this significant tribe. “Scent of a King” captures the essence of glorious times in its captivating fragrance.

Nappily Naturals & Apothecary conducted extensive studies on the ancient perfumer’s art and evolved methods to create amazingly authentic traditional fragrance employing modern techniques. We also succeeded in blending African, Oriental and Arabian fragrances to create our many signature scents and symbolized the perfect fusion of the Mystic East and the Modern West.


At Nappily Naturals & Apothecary, we have a variety of perfumes, Oud Moattar, Mukhalalats , Dehn Oud. Great for Corporate Gifts and accessories catering to the multitude of preferences of our customers. Creating masterpieces under our African, Oriental and Arabian fragrances Lines.



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