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Green Drink Recovery Body Melt/Powerful Head 2 Toe Moisturizer 12oz.


olive butter, Shea oil, omega 9, vitamin b3 alfalfa powder, mango juice, mango butter, oatmeal, wild oats, lemongrass, sandalwood, burdock root, vanilla extract, green apples, kale juice, green tea leaves, celery juice

Green Drink Vitality Body Melt is a powerful scalp and hair solution that revitalizes, reconditions, and excels the skin and scalps appearance. Use this amazing body melt with anti-aging herbal properties to tone, reduce wrinkles, remove fine age lines, and restore skin’s elasticity. With these simple, but essential ingredients, you can be aggressive against eczema and effective against psoriasis while removing marks and blemishes.


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